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Central Package and Display

Static Control (ESD) Packaging
Defy Static and Deliver your Electronics Safely


Stock and Custom ESD Control Solutions

Central Package and Display offers a complete line of packaging solutions that defy static. If your business involves the manufacturing or distribution of products with electronic assemblies, you understand the need for product packaging that protects against static electricity. Our products and services protect your products from static charges that develop on personnel, equipment, work surfaces and more. Central has what you need to move your static sensitive products from manufacturing to shipping and ultimately out to your customers safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive Static Control Products

CPD stocks and distributes quality ESD control products for a wide range of industries and applications. We specialize in ESD supplies and equipment for shipping departments, cleanrooms, and testing facilities for virtually any business.

Static Control Services

Central Package and Display employs the industries leading packaging engineers to develop custom solutions that work for your business.

  • J.I.T. Services for Custom Supplies
  • ASTM 2020 Compliant
  • On-site Audits and Surveys

Contact us today to learn more about how Central Package and Display can support all of your Static Control Product and Service needs.


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