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Central Package and Display

Green & Sustainable Processes
Strong Business Values and a Leader in Environmental Responsibility


LEAN and Green

Central Package and Display  is a committed partner in the drive to develop sustainable packaging solutions.  We  believe it is more than an opportunity, it is our responsibility.

Our Sustainability Mission Statement:

Central Package and Display is dedicated to  promote and engage  in actions which support sound environmental stewardship.

And to advance this attitude within our organization, our employees and families, our Suppliers, and our Customers.

Our commitment is focused in three areas, working together to achieve the best results possible.

  • SUPPLIERS WHO ARE LIKE MINDED,  regarding sustainable practices
  • CUSTOMERS’ PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS, and solutions we provide.


From our 175,000 sq. ft.  TEC certified Green Facility  to Central’s becoming the first Minnesota manufacturer to be listed on the Green Suppliers Network, we believe in a  Lean and Green approach to eliminating waste in any form.  We are proud to have earned the title “Lean and Green Manufacturer of the Year for 2010” by Enterprise Minnesota.

Some of our accomplishments:

  • Reduced no. of pallets by 3088 per year.
  • Eliminated use of aerosols in maintenance dept.
  • Energy Savings Power Factor increased from 81 – 99%
  • Reduced fork truck travel by 782 miles per year.
  • Recycled post production corrugated 3,500,000 lbs. per year.
  • Company wide training and posting of results.


To further compliment our sustainability initiatives we have implemented a cutting die recycling program. Since the inception of this program 3,120 obsolete cutting dies have been processed from our plant. 100% of the 41.78 tons of material has been recovered and diverted from the landfill waste stream.

SUPPLIERS WHO ARE LIKE MINDEDIn addition to our own efforts, we work with suppliers who share our philosophies.

Examples include:

  • Cutting die recycling program diverts 3.4 tons of  of steel and wood ( 11% steel  for recycling and 89% wood used for energy recovery / fuel ) for every 250 dies we recycle through a joint effort by our die supplier and waste control vendors.
  • Ink systems created from soy based materials or pine tar resins . 
  • Corrugated materials averaging 65% recycled content, with 100% available


Great design leads to great results, and at Central Package and Display our creative design staff is trained and ready to offer packaging solutions aimed at reducing material content, using renewable or recyclable materials whenever possible.

At times it is necessary to use petroleum based materials such as foam for example and in those cases, we have designed components using the least amount of material possible.

Sustainability Case Studies 





The 7 R's
  1. Remove Packaging: Eliminate unnecessary packaging, extra boxes or layers
  2. Reduce Packaging: "Right-Size" packages and optimize material strength
  3. Reuse Packaging: Design for multiple purposes
  4. Renewable Packaging: Use materials made of renewable resources; select biodegradable or compostable materials
  5. Recyclable Packaging: Use materials made of highest recycled content without compromising quality
  6. Revenue: Achieve all above principles at cost parity or cost savings
  7. Read: Get educated on sustainability

recycled dies

Recycling Certification

The Challenge: The Solution:
Remove petro based flexible foam and fluted plastic from medical instrument package. Develop a packaging system made of recycled, recyclable corrugated.
case study case study
The Challenge: The Solution:
Reduce the amount of packaging materials being used... existing package used two carton system for clock used in institutional settings. "Clever Corrugated" ... develop a package requiring 33% less corrugated, while maintaining protection.


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